Patti Dowling

Marmora, NJ

..::The Fam
Husband Jeff, kids (the subjects of my best pictures) – Megan ( married to Stephen and parents to my 5 beautiful grandchildren, living in Northern California), Katie (graduate of Montclair State & also living in Northern California), Samantha who attends Towson University (22 years old, loves sports & the beach!)

..::What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
A private detective and/or a published photographer.

..::Where I’ve Punched The Clock
Office manager for water treatment company, office manager for an elevator company, worked at a monogram store, waitress, owned my own cheesecake company, picked blueberries, sold fudge on the boardwalk, and catering. Currently have an Etsy shop (Katie Pie Designs)  that pays for Sam’s college (thank you Jesus!)

..::I Love To
Have fresh flowers on my tables, redecorate every 3 months, have someone cook for me…anyone!

..::Where You Will Find Me
Google, Etsy, yard sales, antiques, Facetime with grandkids.

..::Take Me To
A parade, San Fransisco, Colorado in the summer, TJ Maxx

..::I’m Watching
HGTV, Dancing with the Stars

..::Twenty Years Ago
When we first came to Mission Point, then Calvary, we had our choice of seats!

..::Favorite Childhood Memories
Colorado vacations, my dad helping me learn to read, bike riding in the mountains in Massachusetts and riding right into a river (favorite memories??) playing dodge ball in the street in my neighborhood, shopping for my Easter bonnet.

..::31 Years Ago
I made a decision that changed my eternity. I am so humbled that Christ would die on the cross for me.

“Amazing love, how could it be, that You my King would die for me?”