Dakota Mason

I have lived in Egg Harbor Township my whole life. I was raised by my wonderful parents Jeff and Dee Mason. I also have a great younger brother Logan who is 7 years younger than me and very gifted when it comes to music. We live far back in the woods along the Great Egg Harbor River surrounded by nature. We all have attended Mission Point Church (formerly Calvary Bible Church) for most of my life.

Growing up I attended public school in Egg Harbor Township. Once I got into middle school I began going to Atlantic Christian School. I went there from 8
th-12th grade and really enjoyed my experience there, it definitely shaped me a lot. From there I went on to Atlantic Cape Community College to receive my Associates of Science in General Studies.

I enjoy leading worship, surfing, riding motocross or hare scrambles with the guys from Ride Free Ministries, playing music with my band (The Glenn Taylor Band), volleyball, soccer, tennis, flipping on trampolines, working out, hot sauce and have a new found love for church softball.

I am a fan of pretty much all genres of music whether it be worship, rock, rap, country, dance. If I feel it is good quality music I don’t care what style it is as long as the words the songs are conveying are good messages not bad ones. I like typical action movies where stuff explodes and pretty much any superhero movie especially the Marvel ones.

..::2nd Birth

When I was younger we lived across the street from Scullville Bible Church. From a young age I attended Sunday school and their AWANA program.  At about 4 years old I accepted the Lord. I would say I pretty much was living a Christian life at that time, at least on the outside. I did not really understand what that looked like on the inside other than thinking, “oh yeah I love Jesus, He died for me.” Then I started to attend Atlantic Christian School and started attending Oneighty student ministries at Mission Point where Rich Aspenberg was pouring into me throughout that whole time. It was at that time I started taking my walk with Christ more seriously. It went from me just doing the things that you’re supposed to do as a Christian (like a checklist or list of do’s and don’ts.), to allowing Christ to change my whole life by my desires becoming His desires. I began leading worship for Oneighty and it was very uncomfortable at first for me to sing in front of anyone. I would play guitar almost literally anywhere though, that was not a problem for me. It was a few years later when college was approaching that I had began going to my friends youth/college aged group and got plugged in playing there. I did that for 2 years, but then Rich asked me if I was interested in playing at Oneighty again. So I said yes!  I could really see how God grew me and taught me things.dakota He was really preparing me for bigger things. So long story short, as you see, I am now the Worship Leader of Mission Point Church (since September 1st 2013), and honestly have never had a singing lesson (I hope you weren’t thinking that explains a lot haha) but I really owe all of my talent and skill to God. I can’t take the credit for what He has done in my life, for anything. We serve a great God!