..::Our Goal is to help students…
Encounter Christ
Encourage growth
Equip for ministry
Engage our community and world with the love of Christ

..::Senior High Oneighty – Grades 9th-12th
Sunday nights from 7:00-8:45p.m.; This is an incredible opportunity for teens to meet and build relationships with others their own age. The nights usually consist of time to hang out with friends, food, crazy interactive games, music, and truth from God’s Word that is relevant to each life. We use music, movie clips, and testimonies to help illustrate and apply God’s truth.


..::Junior High Oneighty – Grades 6th-8th
Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30p.m.; Oneighty is full of crazy interactive games, where students can have lots of fun and make new friends. It is full of energy, but it is also a place where students can hopefully feel safe and loved, where they can be introduced to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and encouraged to grow in their relationship with God. We look at different truths from God’s Word and spend time in non co-ed small groups discussing the teaching,  or other issues that are going on their lives.


..::Junior High one80one – Grades 6th-8th (Sunday Mornings)
Sunday Mornings from 10:15- 11:15; Jr. High Oneighty students now have the opportunity to meet during our normal church teaching time each Sunday morning downstairs for further study and teaching, as well as fun and fellowship.  Students will be dismissed during the service after announcements and offering.  This is only open for kids in 6th through 8th grade.


..::Serving Opportunities
We try and create opportunities for our Junior and Senior High to help serve others in our community.  We do this by organizing one serving project a month.  These serving projects include but are not limited to: raking leaves, helping at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, making blankets & sandwiches for the homeless, and visiting the nursing home.


..::Special Events 
Oneighty hosts at least one big outreach event every two months.  These outreach events are a fun and comfortable place where our students can bring out their unsaved friends.  These outreach events may include: bonfires & capture flag, outdoor movie nights, all-nighters, Mess Fest, and driving video scavenger hunts.  Other special events include winter retreats, ski & snowboard trips, and summer camps.


 ..::Engage our community & world

-We create opportunities for students to serve in their community and in the world.  These opportunities in our community include raking leaves, nursing home aide, local rescue mission work, food bank supply, snack packs for sports teams, and many, many other things.  These take place once every other month.

-Every summer, we have a week long event called “Community Impact”, where our students go out into the community to serve at a variety of different venues; we then return to the church to come together to share the stories of where we saw God at work, worship, and share a meal together.

-Our desire is that, as students go through seven years of student ministry, from 6th grade to 12th grade that our students are a part of both local and foreign missions.  Our goal is to have our junior high experience “Community Impact”, throughout 6th-8th grade.  When students enter into our high school ministry, however, our wish is for them is to do missions work within the United States once within their four years, and to be a part of an overseas missions trip once within their four years.


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