Spring Semester – 2017

All Groups are finished for the Spring – Check back in August for our Fall Groups





M1 Begins 1/30
Study: Galatians
Facilitator: Rich Nugent
Time: 6:30 PM
Hosts: Rich & Patty Nugent, 9 Golfview Dr, Northfield
Host Phone # 484-8376 

M2  Begins 2/6
Study:  “
Financial Peace University” by Dave Ramsey
Facilitator: Randy Smith
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Mission Point Church. KidZone classroom.  There is a fee which  includes all materials needed for this program.
Please register online at www.DaveRamsey.com/fpu/classes




W1 Begins 2/1
“In the Meantime” by Andy Stanley  What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? What do you do when there’s no way forward and there’s no way out? In this 6-part study, Andy Stanley answers the question, “What do I do in the meantime?”
Facilitator: Carol Mazzitelli & Dennis Foster
Time: 7 PM
Host: Mazzitelli Residence, 28 Pebble Beach Dr, EHT
Host Phone # 926-0223
W2  Begins 1/11
John Comfort
Time: 7 PM
Host: Jim & Pat McCartney, 8 Linda Lane, EHT
Host Phone #  927-9480 
W3 Begins 2/1
Various Topics including Review of Old & New Testaments, makeup of a believer, Canon of Scripture
Facilitator: Bill & Karen Schroeder
Time: 7 PM
Host: Mark & Kim Mazak, 5 Fieldbrook Dr. EHT
Host Phone # 601-2676

W4 Begins 2/8
“Discovering the Bible”
Facilitator: Karl & Donna Geisinger
Time: 6:30 PM
Host: Geisinger Residence, Dirt Road, Beesleys Pt.
Host Phone # 457-2226
Child Friendly


W5 Begins 2/1
Study: “Follow” by Andy Stanley  Lots of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus says. But what if doing what Jesus says isn’t what Jesus says to do at all? Jesus’ invitation is an invitation to relationship, and it begins with a simple request: follow me. Religion says, “Change and you can join us.” Jesus says, “Join us and you will change.” There’s a huge difference. Jesus doesn’t expect people to be perfect. He just wants them to follow him. Being a sinner doesn’t disqualify anyone. Being an unbeliever doesn’t disqualify anyone. In fact, following almost always begins with a sinner and unbeliever taking one small step.
Facilitator: Trish Helms
Time: 6:30 PM
Host: Mark & Erica Melhorn, 14 Colgate Rd, SP
Host Phone #  927-1850
Child Friendly



TH1 Begins 1/26
“Culture Shock” by Chip Ingram  Bring light – not heat – to divisive issues! Helping you talk openly and respectfully about  today’s     challenging topics, Chip reveals and calls into question presuppositions on both sides. He believes that basing our convictions on research,   reason, and biblical truth, we’ll be able to speak the truth in love on abortion, homosexuality, sex, politics, the environment, and more. Culture Shock is every engaged believer’s must-have guidebook to replacing reactionary hate with revolutionary love.
Facilitator: Bob & Betty Hellyer
Time: 7 PM
Host: Hellyer Residence, 1128 Bay Ave. Unit 19 OC
Host Phone # 413-3180


TH2 Begins 2/2 (11 weeks)
  ALPHA  Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith .Each session looks at a different question that people can have about faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s just an open, informal and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big  questions together.
Facilitator: Matt Jacobs
Time: 6-8:30  Dinner included
Host: Chuck & Elaine Super, 130 Bayberry, EHT
Host Phone # 432-4163


TH3 (Men-16 years and older)
Study:  Hebrews
Facilitator: Jim McCartney
Time: 6-7:30 PM
Location: Mission Point Church Room #3


TH4 Begins 1/16 (Women) 
Facilitator: Lauren Guarracino
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Mission Point Church Room #2, will move to a home.



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